little shelter Pets for vets

For those who served and fought for our country, for our freedom which allows us to continue our mission of rescue, we would like to say Thank You.

Through your bravery, courage, strength, and sacrifice Little Shelter is able to exist in a country where we can care for those who have been abandoned. In many countries animal’s lives are not given the level of importance that they are in America. To the men and women who have served to protect not only the human, but also the animal rights in this country we would like to give something back as a show of gratitude.
Our program allows for any Veteran to adopt an animal with a $0 adoption fee. All our animals are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchip, and have had treatment for any medical conditions they came in with. Veterans interested in adopting must meet standard Little Shelter adoption criteria and provide proof of veteran status.

Thank you, Veterans. We appreciate your service!