Meet valerie...

Hi everyone! 
My name is Valerie.. I am about 3 years as of November of 2015 and have been at Little Shelter my whole life. Why you ask? Because I am a little shy and I love to explore. Usually, when a family walks into Little Shelters Cattery and sits near me, I see them and want to go let them pet me but sometimes I back away because I'm unsure of new people. So I'll often go up to you, let you pet me, run away and come back for another pet. I'm a very flirty and curious little girl! 
I'm looking for a family that will understand me and give me some time to adjust. After all, being a shelter cat isn't the easiest. Even though Little Shelter takes amazing care of all the kitties I share my home with, a forever home with a human I can learn to trust sounds like a dream come true.
I'll be honest, it might take me a bit longer to adjust but I will be worth it in the end when I know for sure you are my forever home and family. Some treats, toys to play with, and sitting with me would work best but I'm truly in love with the idea of someone loving me back. Please see through my coyness. I may be the purrrfect cat for you as you would be the perfect human for me.
Come meet me today!
Love always, Valerie


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