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Little Shelter Dog Takes Second For Rescue Dog of the Year

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    Last night Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center attended 2014 New York Pet Fashion Show as guests of honor. Little Shelter Rescue Cooper and his family were nominated for “Rescue Dog of The Year” where they took second place out of thousands of submissions.

    Being nominated required an inspiring story of how a rescue pet changed their families lives. “On, October 29, 2013, Long Island was bracing itself for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. For us, it all started with excitement the night before, as my 2 boys, Liam (age 16) and Colin (age 13) were doing the “happy” dance that school would most likely be closed the next day. We all said our goodnights and went to bed awaiting Sandy’s arrival. The next morning our lives were forever changed and our hearts forever shattered, dwarfing any physical/environmental damage soon to be left behind by Hurricane Sandy. You see, that morning, my beautiful, healthy son, Liam did not wake up. Sometime, during that night he passed into the arms of GOD from an unknown heart condition. It is all still so surreal, even 14 months later as I write this. As the weather took a turn for the worst so did our lives. Hurricane Sandy left us in the dark for 5 days, and Liam’s passing will leave us in the dark for an eternity. We were so broken, especially my son Colin as he lost his best friend too as they were very close brothers.”

    This truly horrible event taking place in their own home left a dark mark over the home, and had their younger son dreading being home alone. Now they all rush home to their rescue dog who has become a shining white knight in this dark moment.

    “We thought we were going to rescue a little dog and it turns out this little ball of love rescued us instead. Cooper is helping us through the most traumatic loss a family could go through. He truly is our Rescue Dog of a Lifetime!”



Keep Pets Safe This Valentine's

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and while most are getting ready for the day of love, Valentine’s can turn into a day of disaster for pets. While its general knowledge that chocolate is bad for pets, there are other considerations we must be aware of.

    Chocolate or public enemy number one contains methylxanthines, which eaten by your pets can spell disaster. Effects to pets can range from vomiting, panting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythm, seizures and even death. Remember if any of your loved ones get you some chocolate or even a secret admirer, make sure to keep it in a secure place out of reach of pets.


    Other types of candy besides chocolate are a safe alternative then? Wrong, candy is sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol causes your pets insulin to rise. This can cause your pets blood sugar to drop and can cause liver failure. Symptoms can include vomiting, lethargy, and loss of coordination. Please do also make sure to keep all types of candies away from your pet. 

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    Flowers, the universal symbol of love are also a matter to be concerned about. Flowers are given to moms, wives, girlfriends, friends, crushes…you name it. While not all types of flowers are harmful to pets, some are deadly. Be cautious of lilies, these are fatal to cats if ingested.


    Setting the mood for that loved one? Looking to fill the air with love and warmth, well be sure to set those candles away from low areas or near the edge of anything. Pets curiosity can cause them to nudge candles while smelling them, or wagging tails due to the excitement of guests can easily knock them to the floor. As such as you may want a bright burning flame of love in your life from cupid, flames engulfing other parts of your residence clearly are unwanted.


    Now go ahead, enjoy your day of love. Upset because this article doesn't apply to you? Of course it does, if you have a pet, then you have a Valentine! Spend the day with them, get them a new toy, maybe some special treats, go for a peaceful walk, and then cuddle them like never before while enjoying a movie.