Written by Cathy Rogan

Pet-A-Palooza is an annual Little Shelter event that is great fun for pet lovers and a wonderful opportunity for our animals to find good homes.  Staff, volunteers and visitors alike look forward to taking part in the festivities each August.

As a staff member, I can tell you that the best part of the weekend is when our “old friends” return for a visit.  We like seeing their new families too!

Stacey Foley and her Little Shelter Rescue, Sapphire

Stacey Foley and her Little Shelter Rescue, Sapphire

Such was the case this Sunday when Sapphire, a gorgeous, blue-eyed Husky mix, and her new owner, Stacey Foley, stopped by for a visit.  Sapphire was rescued by Little Shelter earlier this year after being transported from an Alabama shelter as part of our Passage to Freedom Program, where we network with shelters in other parts of the country and rescue some of their animals. 

Sapphire was in a bad way when she got here.  She was very sick for several months and was in foster care until she was ready for adoption.  On Sunday, April 6th, 2014, Sapphire was finally healthy and ready to find home.  Our doors opened to the public at 12:00 Noon.  At 12:15, Sapphire’s life changed forever.  Stacey walked through our kennel, took one look at Sapphire and a connection was made.  Sapphire was adopted shortly thereafter. 

Sapphire has settled in nicely to her new home.  She is showered with love and affection, and has been known to enjoy some homemade chicken soup, macaroni and an occasional hot dog too.  Sapphire has a very good life.

Sapphire’s story doesn’t end here.  Stacey revealed to us that Sapphire is now a therapy dog!  Stacey, who suffers from anxiety attacks, has registered Sapphire as an emotional support dog.  This allows Sapphire to accompany Stacey wherever she goes, to lend emotional support and companionship.  So, the circle is complete.  Little Shelter comes to the aid of animals that need our help, and in turn their owners benefit too! 

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