Donate To Brie's Medical Fund

One year old Brie, a Long-Haired German Shepherd, was taken under Little Shelter's care several months ago after she turned up at a local town shelter.  We don't know Brie's full story.  Perhaps she ran away.  Perhaps she was dumped.  Perhaps her family couldn't afford to take care of her and gave her up.  What we do know is that Brie had a very serious, rare and costly medical condition that could not be ignored.  Little Shelter heard that Brie needed our help, so we took her in.

Brie has a sweet, gentle temperament, and acts like a dog that is used to being part of a family.  She was loving and trusting right from the start, loves people and is always ready to play.  At first glance, Brie looked like the perfect, young, healthy dog - but this is not entirely the case.

Brie has a severe overgrowth of the jaw bone that causes the bone to grow right up to her ears.  The deformity made it impossible for Brie to fully open her mouth or to chew or eat.  When Brie first came to Little Shelter she could only open her mouth a little, and could only eat soft, wet food.  She needed our help.

Little Shelter consulted with our Medical Director and other top specialists, to find out what was wrong.  Once the problem was diagnosed, surgery was performed.  The jaw bones that extended to her ears were cut so that she now has better use of her mouth.

Brie stole the heart of one of our volunteers who is currently fostering Brie so that she can recuperate in a comfortable, home environment. 

As you can imagine, Little Shelter has already incurred a large medical bill on Brie's behalf and we are in dire need of help to defer this cost.  While we have made significant strides to give Brie a normal, happy life, we are not sure what her future medical needs might be We understand that this is a difficult financial time but if you can make a donation to help us with this expense we would certainly appreciate it.

As always, thank you for your kind and generous support. 

Donate To Brie's Medical Fund


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