The philanthropic efforts of a Levittown girl are not going unnoticed. 

Regan Lutz, 9, was recently named a store winner in the Levittown Kohl’s Cares Scholarship program, which honors young people making a difference in their community. Lutz and her family founded Regan’s Rescue, a donation drive that collects items such as towels, food, beds and blankets for animals at the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Huntington. 

The drive takes place on Regan’s birthday in March each year; instead of receiving birthday gifts, Regan requests that guests bring one item for animals at the shelter.  

“She thought of all of this on her own,” said mother, Cheryl Lutz. “She wants to be a vet, that’s her goal. She has the mindset for it, so that’s what she will do.”

Lutz also put in extra effort this summer, collecting towels and blankets for dog and cats at the shelter. 

Two weeks ago, Regan had the honor of speaking about her work at Kids are Heroes Day in Maryland, an event that celebrates children like Regan who are making a difference. Check out thisYoutube video of Regan speaking at the event. 

Even though the next Regan’s Rescue is several months away, Regan and her family will start planning for the drive soon. Each year, the drive reaches more and more people, so they are expecting great results.  

To read more about Regan's Rescue visit www.reganlutz.com and for more info. about the Kohl’s Cares Scholarship program, click. here.