Recently we found our shelter low on blankets and beds for our animals. We immediately put up a plea on our social media pages asking for any new/old blankets that were clean.  

Response was massive, people asked if we had blankets on our Amazon Wish List. We added them and within minutes 40 blankets were ordered, 20 beds and much more orders were being placed.  

Two days later UPS pulled up and said they had 44 boxes for us. All filled with blankets and beds.   


Make an amazon Wish List for people to donate to your organization. Items will be shipped straight to your address, the convenience is immense. Local supporters will be able to drop items off but what about supporters who are further away?  Supporters will love knowing exactly what they're donating (beds, blankets, etc.) Rather than blindly giving cash and wondering what it's going towards.

Gear your wishlist towards what your animals need.