Little Shelter Animal Shelter Gets Free G-Vac Gutter Cleaning

With spring in full bloom, it is time for home and property owners to clean out their gutters, an often despised, but necessary home maintenance duty. However, the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Huntington will have a reprieve from this onerous task as G-Vac Long Island's local professional gutter cleaning service, recently donated its residential and commercial gutter cleaning service to the Shelter. Photos: 

The gutters of all of the Little Shelter buildings were thoroughly cleaned by G-Vac technicians using the company's revolutionary industrial suction vacuum system (Video: The team will return once a year to renew the service as part of its Nonprofit Support Program. 
G-Vac instituted the program to recognize a local nonprofit organization with a history of serving the community. The Little Shelter and its dedicated volunteers care for abandoned and abused animals and have coordinated hundreds of pet adoptions. The shelter is located at 33 Warner Road in Huntington, New York. 

"We are committed to meeting the needs of the animals we care for and we are constantly looking for ways to conserve our resources. We sincerely appreciate G-Vac for donating its services to our organization; this is a spring cleaning that we won't forget. We depend on financial donations and donations of service like this to keep our shelter programs viable. This gutter cleaning service provided by G-Vac was most generous, it saves us money and provides the support needed to keep our facility clean, safe and attractive," said Little Shelter Animal Rescue Director David Ceely.

"G-Vac is new to Long Island; we want to share our clean, convenient and cost effective approach to property maintenance services. The Little Shelter is a long-standing part of the Long Island community and we wanted to do our part to support their important mission," said Gillian Harper, President of G-Vac Long Island.

Gutter cleaning is an unpleasant chore that property owners face, but keeping gutters clean is vital for maintaining a residential or commercial building and its value. Regular and proper gutter cleaning by trained operators can reduce the chances of rust, water damage and fire as well as eliminate breeding sites for disease carrying insects and vermin. Mosquitos carry disease such as heart worm which can be deadly for dogs and West Nile Virus which is a hazard to animals and humans. 

"It's safer for property owners to let gutter cleaning specialists do the work. G-Vac services also include cleaning of solar panels, chimneys, roofs and ceiling cavities, and the removal of insulation and property debris. Our approach is professional, hassle free, cost effective and safe. The operators are fully insured, well-trained and prepared to provide a full range of services for property owners," added Ms. Harper.

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