It was a time of great opulence. People were dancing the

Fox-trot and Charleston, the radio

was invented, and Rin-Tin-Tin

went from rags to riches and

became the most famous movie

dog in history. Unfortunately, life

wasn’t so wonderful for the

homeless dogs and cats that

roamed the streets in Huntington.

Rounded up by the town dogcatcher, these animals were kept

in a tiny shed, in deplorable conditions until claimed by their

owners, or they met their unfortunate end.

The 1920's also gave birth to

one woman’s dream. Anna

Hunninghouse dreamt of opening

a refuge where homeless animals

could live in safety and comfort

until a new home was found.

Her dream came true in April

1927 when the doors of Little

Shelter were unlocked for the

very first time.

Since that fateful Sunday, thousands of animals have passed

through the doors of Little

Shelter. Their outreach has grown

from community-based to nationwide, and Little Shelter continues

to set the benchmark for other

shelters to follow. Their mission is

now, as it was then, to serve as a

refuge for abandoned and homeless animals, by providing food,

quality medical care, and shelter,

until loving, permanent homes

can be found - in essence, to

'Rescue, Nurture & Adopt'.

Anna’s dream lives on, and we

know that she would be very

proud of what Little Shelter has

become today 



Please help to continue Little

Shelter’s mission. Little Shelter, a

no-kill animal shelter in

Huntington finds loving homes

for thousands of unwanted pets

every year. Call to make a donation at 386-8770, ext. 206 or visit

their website at and give the ‘gift for a

life’ today.


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