Little Shelter Campaign Seeks to Increase Adoptions, Save Lives

One phone call. A simple deed, but one that can make an enormous difference for a shelter animal awaiting adoption.

Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center, an Alliance Participating Organization (APO) in Huntington, Long Island, decided to turn that simple concept into a campaign: "One Call Saves One Life." And they enlisted Law & Order SVU television star Richard Belzer to promote it.

On May 1, Mr. Belzer, the official spokesperson for "One Call Saves One Life," joined students at the Bronx School of Law and Finance to make the first telephone calls urging friends and family members to adopt a companion animal from a shelter or rescue group. Most times when Mr. Belzer, a.k.a. Detective Munch, is on the phone, he is discussing the horrible death of a special victim. But now he is taking the opportunity to save lives — those of dogs and cats in shelters throughout the country.

"On behalf of Little Shelter, I am inviting everyone to join its new lifesaving program entitled One Call Saves One Life," says Mr. Belzer. "Simply make one phone call to encourage one friend or relative to save one animal's life by adopting a shelter pet and by relaying the adoption message to someone else."

Little Shelter's Marilyn Di Toro explains that individuals and shelters are invited to participate in the program. Participating shelters simply ask their volunteers and supporters to make one phone call to encourage one friend or relative to save one life by adopting a shelter pet and/or relaying the adoption message to someone else. Shelter directors can easily extend the enthusiasm and spirit of that one call to everyone who enters the shelter. A flyer given to a new adopter or posters hanging in the kennel and cattery will spread the good word to everyone — "One Call Saves One Life." Little Shelter will provide all the materials needed to make the campaign a success.

If you or your organization is interested in joining in the One Call Saves One Life Campaign, please or call Jill Wendrow at (631) 368-8770 x230.