In honor of Adopt-A-Cat month, Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Huntington is sending out daily emails to subscribers featuring its many cats available for adoption each day throughout the month of June.

These cats are available to foster or for adoption. One of this month's featured cats is Ivan. Ivan is a noble name and one Russian tsar came with the additional moniker, "The Terrible." Well, Little Shelter's Ivan is certainly a noble cat. He seldomly ventures from his cat tree throne all the way back in the cattery's atrium area. But Ivan gives proof to the name's meaning; Ivan means "gift" and little Ivan is truly that. He's a big, sweet, tabby who enjoys to be petted and, if you gain his trust, he will even let you rub his treat-enhanced belly. Everybody loves Ivan and you will, too.

If you can't adopt, consider sponsoring or fostering. Stop by Little Shelter at 33 Warner Road in Huntington and meet Ivan and all the others; the cats love visitors. Visit the website at www.littleshelter.com or call 368-8770.