Most of us have had our email inboxes full of Viagra spam at some point in the past.  Now the infamous male enhancement drug is being used to keep Ingrid, a 6 year old pit bull from Long Island, New York, alive.

Ingrid, a resident of the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Hunting, NY, suffers from a life-threatening heart condition as a result of heartworms.

Ingrid was near death from the condition and her veterinarian recommended Viagra as life-saving medicine.

And it appears to be working.

“Viagra opens up the blocked vessels that go to the heart so it allows the blood to flow through the body,” said Jodi Record, Ingrid’s caregiver.

Who keeps the supply of Viagra pouring in? Generous guys and anonymous donors responding to the shelter’s request for those little blue pills to help keep Ingrid going.

“If every man in America that has Viagra sends one pill to Ingrid that will be keeping her alive for several years,” said Record.