Animal lovers go into a shelter with the intentions of doing a good thing, adopting a homeless animal, bringing him home and making that cat or dog part of our family. And indeed, those intentions are true and right. But animals just have a way of making us happier, better people and soon we realize just how much they change our lives.

With this in mind, readers are invited to visit the Little Shelter in Huntington, NY to meet Nicky.

Nicky was about six-weeks-old when she was found blind and alone in someone's backyard. Although no one will ever know how she got there, the Shelter’s vet thinks that she most likely “lost her sight from a virus left untreated.” Unfortunately, “there's nothing to do for her eyes; no surgery or medication can help.”

Yet, despite her handicap, Nicky is reported to be able to find her litter box and her food with little trouble. She also “plays and loves to be held,” according to Shelter staff, who add that “her purr could soothe warring nations.”

She's been in foster care since July. She's spayed and has had her inoculations. She's ready to go; All she needs is a home. Her foster mom can't keep her and the shelter is no place for a blind cat. Please consider adopting her, I know you won't regret having this furry inspiration in your life. To meet Nicky, call Little Shelter's cattery at 631.368.8770 x 32.

Source: Little Shelter Animal Rescue