By Brianne Harrison

This week, we’re going to take a little trip north, to the Long Island-based Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center. Little Shelter is notable for being one of Long Island’s oldest no-kill shelters, having spent the last 82 years rescuing and rehousing strays and abandoned or abused cats and dogs. But now, this admirable and much-loved institution finds itself in a precarious situation.

Like many shelters across the country, Little Shelter has been inundated with animals due to the bad economy. Heartbreakingly, unemployment, wage decreases, and foreclosures are forcing many loving owners to hand over their pets. The economy has also led to the closure of two Long Island shelters—Bid-A-Wee and Animal Haven, bringing even more homeless animals to Little Shelter, which is now caring for more than 400 cats and 50 dogs. This is, understandably, putting an immense strain on the shelter’s own resources at a time when donations are down 30%. As a result, Little Shelter has had to cut back on services such as animal medical care and its numerous community animal care services.

In an effort to raise much-needed funds, Little Shelter has extended its Holiday Donation Drive through January 7, 2010. Even a small donation can help this shelter keep going for another year. Why is this shelter worth your donation? Consider what Little Shelter offers: besides providing homes for many homeless animals, Little Shelter is also committed to rescuing senior and special needs animals, as well as some of the pets left behind during Hurricane Katrina (such as Walker, pictured here). Little Shelter also maintains a foster home network and an animal soup kitchen that helps people in low-income households keep and care for their pets in these difficult times by providing them with food and medical supplies. How’s that for a worthy cause?

This is the season for giving, and even a small amount can make a difference. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a new outfit or pair of shoes or book—nothing wrong with that! But take just a moment to consider what else that $20 or $50 can buy, and maybe you can find an extra $10 or $20 lying around that can help support these helpless, homeless animals.

To donate to Little Shelter, visit
or send a check of any amount to:
Little Shelter Animal Rescue
Dept. HD
33 Warner Rd.

Huntington, NY 11743