Would you share one of those little blue pills to help a dog live? Men are being asked to donate just a couple of their Viagra to help Ingrid, who happens to be a dog that needs it to stay alive.

I don't know the legal issues that may come up, but the 

Little Animal Shelter 

of Huntington, N.Y. is asking for donations of Viagra from men who use the erectile dysfunction enhancer if they would give just two of their little love stash to help a dog in need.


 is a 4-year-old mixed breed who was rescued a few months ago and was suffering from severe neglect. As a result of the neglect she was put through she ended up with various medical conditions such as heart-worms that almost killed her. The heart-worm condition alone was causing fluid build up and forced the veterinarian to drain 14 pounds of fluid from her abdomen.

Hopefully, her plight will remind dog guardians to use heart worm preventative and alert veterinarians to the other benefits of Viagra!

The doctors decided to try her on Viagra, since it was originally used on humans as a heart medication, of course this was before it was touted as a miracle drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and it's sales went through the roof.

“Many people forget that Viagra was initially used a heart medication,” states Dr. Susanne Govier of LIVS. “The drug actually dilates the veins and allows more blood flow to the heart. Ingrid will need Viagra for the rest of her life, and Little Shelter will provide it.”

They now say she is on the road to recovery due to the almost miracle like effects of Viagra on her heart condition, but, the Little Animal Shelter is running into problems financing the cost of the medication for her. They pay $10 a day for her to receive it so they decided to ask, not for monetary donations but instead if men who use the drug will donate them to her.

"If 200 men supply one pill, we can supply Ingrid with Viagra for seven months."

If you would like to make such a donation you can call Little Animal Shelter at 631-368-8770.

She will also be in need of a good home, just know she will need Viagra for her heart condition the rest of her life which The Little Shelter says they will provide for the rest of her life even after she is placed into a home.


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