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"Little Shelter, Suffolk County Long Island’s first no-kill animal shelter has suffered severe damage from super storm Sandy. Little Shelter has made it through every hurricane since it's establishment in 1927 with only minor damage, Sandy's fury has all but changed that.

In the first two hours of the storm Little Shelter's second kennel building, which houses dogs, was crushed by a large nearby oak tree. Staff and volunteers immediately sprang into action to evacuate the building and ensure every animal was safely relocated. Later, as Sandy's wrath intensified, Little Shelter's cattery took the brunt of two more trees piercing through the roof.

Damage this severe will take time and money to repair - two things that Little Shelter needs desperately.

Volunteers, staff, and supporters have been working around the clock in an effort to repair the damage. "With this devastation our kennel 2 building is out of commission. We are limited in our ability to rescue more animals in danger" says Maryann Chernovsky, president of Little Shelter. "And that is what we are here for."

If you'd like to help, Little Shelter will certainly need funding for repairs and is in dire need for foster and permanent homes for the loving cats and dogs. To donate please visit www.littleshelter.com, call 631-368-8770, or visit Little Shelter at 33 Warner Road, Huntington, NY 11743"