September 27, 2012 | 10:15 AM

"Storm the dog is a very patient little one. This is clear by the love and laughs he has given all of the volunteers and staff at Little Shelter as he waits for his home.

The shelter does everything it can to make sure he enjoys his stay, which is possibly why he remains so patient. Storm takes long walks in the warm sun and shares his funny little antics with everyone at Little Shelter.

Storm is definitely a shelter favorite. When he does find his home, he will be missed terribly. Little Shelter cannot wait until the day comes when his wait is over and his new life begins.

Diane the cat is another patient young lady. She, too, has been with Little Shelter, enjoying her time. She is just so sweet and, like Storm, it's unclear why her home hasn't yet stepped forward. Diane seems to know that her time with Little Shelter will be well spent. Little Shelter just can't wait for the day when the volunteers have the luxury of saying, "I miss Diane," because she went home to begin her new life."