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The Best of the Best highlights the top 20 vote-getters in our Best of L.I. competition (and what a competition it was!)

We know: There is no superlative greater than “best.” That’s a simple fact of language, a fact of life. Still, every year, when the Long Island Press compiles its Best of L.I. results, we are amazed to see just how many “bests” there are on these shores.


That’s not hyperbole for hyperbole’s sake: This year, our Best of L.I. program produced its greatest and most vast results by a wide margin: We had more than 283 categories, more than 900 winners in those categories, more than 748,000 votes cast.

Yeah. Wow. And all in the service of finding the very best Long Island has to offer.

So, while it’s all well and good to say there is no superlative greater than best, there are also a few highlights that shined especially bright in our collection of bests. Every year, when the Long Island Press Best of L.I. voting is all said and done, we look back at the winners, we scour the numbers, and we find what we call “The Best of the Best”: the top-vote-getters not just in their own categories, but across the competition as a whole. And while we could do some advanced metrics analysis to better understand what these votes mean, we also like to just sit back in awe at the big winners—those who simply brought in tons of votes and crushed everything and everyone in their path. The Best of the Best list is comprised of the top 20 vote-getters across the entire spectrum of winners. Pediatrician versus video arcade. Psychic versus Greek restaurant. Jewelry store versus bike shop. Every first-place winner, duking it out in a steel-cage match from Montauk Point to the Nassau-Queens border. These are the people and businesses and products that brought out the vote, the result of fierce devotion and dedication from their followers and patrons.

Last year, topping the list of our “Best of the Best” was Dunkin’ Donuts—and yeah, you’ll find them in the top 20 this year, too, because we all drink Dunkin’ on the regular. But they fell 11 slots, from first place to 12th.

This year, the top three slots were occupied by representatives from the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, who absolutely shattered the ballot boxes. Their performance here was beyond impressive—it was downright dominant. They simply owned the voting this year. We can do no more, and no less, than to stand in awe of their achievement.

Bringing up the rest of the top five were dentists Dr. Mike Abramowitz and Dr. Roula Kapetanos-Panas—perennial Best of L.I. winners who shot into the “Best of the Best” charts with a rocket this year—and Epoch 5 Public Relations.(Indeed, Epoch 5’s Katherine Heaviside took the sixth spot, too, indicating a powerful voting base and a wild popularity among followers and fans.)

For what it’s worth, all of last year’s top three are still here, albeit after a drop in overall rank. (To be clear, this does not reflect a drop in total votes—because we had so many more votes this year than ever before, in almost every case, past winners actually got exponentially more votes than ever before, too.) As noted, Dunkin’ is still a top vote-getter; last year’s No. 2, All American Burger Drive-In, fell to 17, and last year’s No. 3, Smokin’ Al’s Famous BBQ Joint, hung tight at No. 20. Finally, you’ll notice there are more local winners in this year’s “Best of the Best” than there have been in years past—we believe this is due to new voting regulations, which favored local contestants.

Of course, the entire list is something to behold, to digest, to argue over. Think of the list as a look into what makes Long Islanders who they are. As we say, to be the Best is to be recognized for excellence. To be the Best of the Best is to demand it.

1. Long Island Plastic Surgical Group
999 Franklin Ave., Garden City. 516-504-3014.

2. Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh
999 Franklin Ave., Garden City. 516-504-3014.

3. Aesthetic Center at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group
999 Franklin Ave., Garden City. 516-504-3014.

4. Dr. Mike Abramowitz and Dr. Roula Kapetanos-Panas
98 S. Oyster Bay Rd., Syosset. 516-496-2111.

5. Epoch 5 Public Relations
755 New York Ave., Huntington. 631-427-1713.

6. Katherine Heaviside
755 New York Ave., Huntington. 631-427-1713.

7. Buttafuoco & Associates
144 Woodbury Rd., Woodbury. 800-NOW-HURT.

8. Daniel Buttafuoco
144 Woodbury Rd., Woodbury. 800-NOW-HURT.

9. Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center
33 Warner Rd., Huntington. 631-368-8770.

10. The Balance Health and Wellness Center
57 Main St., Kings Park. 631-225-2623.

11. Brenner Photo Production
125 Newtown Rd., Ste. 100, Plainview. 516-586-5959.

12. Dunkin’ Donuts
Multiple locations.

13. Bethpage Federal Credit Union
Multiple locations.

14. Jonas Chiropractic
2A Jackson Ave., Syosset. 516-921-1295.

15. Westbury Friends School
550 Post Ave., Westbury. 516-333-3178.

16. Petro
3 Fairchild Court, Plainview. 516-349-4100.

17. All American Burger Drive-in
4286 Merrick Rd., Massapequa. 516-798-9574.

18. Custom Faux Finishes & Murals by Debbie Viola

19. BounceU Farmingdale
101 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale. 631-777-JUMP (5867).

20. Smokin’ Al’s Famous BBQ Joint

19 W. Main St., Bay Shore. 631-206-3000; 4847 Merrick Rd., Massapequa Park. 516-799-4900.