Aunt Ida 

aunt ida.JPG

A stray at 10 years old, arthritis in all legs, and decaying teeth that cannot bite into solid food, left to wander the streets. Hurricane Sandy was bounding up the coast, targeting Long Island as a direct, and devastating hit. Aunt Ida was found by a local shelter, and rescued by Little Shelter mere days before Sandy reached the Island. 

Who could leave this sweet golden girl wandering with one of the most devastating storms in Long Island’s history barreling towards us? Can you bring this girl home and let her know she is truly safe now?



Blind in one eye, able to see only shadows out of the other and a massive hernia in her stomach. This is the condition Lily arrived in upon being rescued by Little Shelter. Lily came to us with her name, she was obviously surrendered by her owner in such a weak state.

Lily received immediate surgery from Little Shelter to remove the hernia, and to make sure it was non-cancerous. This tough little chihuahua refuses to give in. She walks around the entire property, and her ears shoot up as soon as she hears one of our dedicated staff members that treat her with the utmost care. Can you give this tough 12 year old chihuahua a home that will make her ears perk up when you call her name?



Was living a fabulous lifestyle, he was fed the freshest food, brushed, groomed, and loved by a dedicated owner. One dark day, one Frankie will remember the rest of his days, he found his owner had passed away.

If this wasn’t shocking enough, there was no one else who could take care of him. Little Shelter stepped in and provided the best comfort we could for this devastated boy. Frankie is now a senior himself with gorgeous orange fur upon his seasoned white hair. 

Frankie doesn’t want to spend the rest of his days as 1 out of 400+ cats at Little Shelter, he wants to spend the rest of his affectionate life the same way as it began, with a home to call his own.



Gracie was her moms “Little Princess.” Everyday she would treat Gracie as if she  were royalty. Gracie was waiting for her mom to tell her how perfect she was, when unexpectedly her mom went to the last kingdom that awaits us in the end.

We gave Gracie our castle, though one she has had to share for many years. Gracie is left sad and lonely, she wants to be the only princess in her castle. Gracie remembers the days of ruling with love with her mom. Now no longer a princess but a mature queen Gracie wants a home to rule with love until she too meets her mommy in the kingdom that awaits us at the end.

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