To all the wonderful people who contributed to the "Daphne Fund" and to those who sent wishes for Daphne's recovery, I would like to give you this update.


Daphne is doing GREAT.  Daphne now lives a pain free, fun filled life. She has resumed her position as "Reading Assistant" and goes with Matt, her handler, to a local elementary school every Friday.

Before Dr. Marino, Chief of Staff at LIVS (Long Island Veterinary Specialist) operated on Daphne for Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia, she was in constant  pain in her head, neck and shoulders. Because of the pain, Daphne's personality never really developed.

Since the operation, things have really changed, Daphne and her sister Charlotte have become great friends, they play together all the time. Daphne has become a bit of a DIVA, she prefers that I hand feed her and occasionally she will bark for me to carry her down the stairs. (Daphne is perfectly cable of walking down the stairs herself) but I'm so grateful that she is feeling better that I do whatever she wants.

This was truly a miracle and couldn't have been done without your help.