Meet tad & TRACY...

Little Shelter is incredible. These two beautiful kitties are the lucky ones to have been rescued and fostered with our incredible volunteers but now they are waiting for their forever homes.
Our staff and volunteers devote their time to socialize and care for these kitties and cannot understand why they have not been adopted yet but they also know their families are out there.
These two are just the sweetest kitties. When our volunteers come in on treat day these guys become happy and we believe we see them smile. Temptations and fresh turkey and the kindness of their humans brings a twinkle in their eyes and a swagger in their walk.
We do know as they get older it will be harder for them to be adopted. And we do realize many people overlook black or black and white kitties.
These lovely kitties love to play with any toy that wiggles and can be used as a soccer ball. When Tracy gets excited her tail looks like it is going to help her set flight into the arms of her human.
Tad loves to jump up high and catch the fishing pole toy and if you catch his playfulness you may see his ballet moves while jumping high in the air. So gracefully.
Come meet these sweet kitties today!



Wajeeha Khan 

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