Meet Sybil & hugo...

Like Bogey and Bacall.....Sybil and Hugo are just inseparable.  At the shelter, if you see Sybil, Hugo is not far behind. Sybil and Hugo are both older cats with plenty of love to give. They have been with us for quite some time and need nothing more than a loving home. Sybil with her bright red sparkling collar is a black beauty with beautiful green eyes. She is very friendly and loves to talk (I mean meow) to anyone who will listen. Hugo is also a handsome black cat who is friendly and they both love to be petted and played with. They are favorites among the cattery staff and volunteers.
Please stop by Little Shelter and see them both...a couple you won't resist having in your home.

Meet Sybil & hugo's Sponsors:

Jeanne Schertz
In Loving Memory of Gloria Nerone


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