Meet sugar & princess...

*Courtesy Posting - sugar & princess are NOT at Little Shelter*

See below for contact information.

Bonded pair looking for a happy ending to a long journey...

Sugar is a gorgeous 5 month old Pharaoh hound mix who is an affectionate goofball.
Princess is a 3 month old German shepherd mix, she's very cute, sweet and playful.
They are in training with wee wee pads and doing very well. Both have shown that they are quick learners. They already learned some commands such as:  “no” and “sit” and are food driven which makes training fun and easy.
The two girls had a rough start to life, they were found as strays after being left to die on the streets of Egypt. They were rescued and medically treated to be brought to the US by a small team of flight attendants. Needless to say the two bonded through their ordeal and now are inseparable sisters who play together and sleep together. Unfortunately they are still looking for a furever home to complete their journey.

For more information about Sugar and Princess, call Sabrina Avila (917) 969-0620

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