Sheila is a  lovable little lady that likes to shower affection upon her human friends. She gets so excited that she cannot contain herself and her little body will fling in all directions trying to get to the special person 'of the moment'. 

Sheila is a strong girl and if ever there was an Olympic event for doggy 'Tug-O-War' or 'Weight Lifting', Sheila would would be sure to win gold. Her athleticism doesn't end there - she enjoys running, and her ball-playing skills are second-to-none.

(631) 368-8770 Ext. 26

(631) 368-8770 Ext. 26

Meet Sheila's Sponsors:

Minnesauke Elementary School Music Makers

Connie DiGeronimo

Lura Salm

Rich Breusch

Arleen & Paul Goscinsky

The Rutkowski Family

Michelle Lane