There comes a time when a rescue or no-kill shelter is faced with the issue of what to do with long-term residents that have been overlooked for adoption for behavioral or medical reasons time and time again.   When that time came for Little Shelter the answer was simple – provide a place where these animals can live their lives in comfort, with love and dignity.

 In 2000, Little Shelter opened the doors to Little Shelter Sanctuary, a peaceful and serene facility on 110 acres in upstate New York. At the sanctuary, our dogs have more room, less anxiety, and undergo continual training, socialization and rehabilitation with the hope they will someday find an adoptive home.  They live in apartment-style rooms with a home-like atmosphere, and the resident staff provides 24-hour care, making sure that each dog has their needs met with daily exercise, training and love.  A popular pastime amongst all the dogs is swimming in the 2 1/2-acre pond!

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