Meet roslyn...


Here we have Roslyn - Roslyn is an extremely shy female tabby.  In general, Roslyn hides from visitors but lately has taken an interest in Cattery staff who always secure her an extra treat and try to make her comfortable in a warm bed.  A number of times we can only guess at what kind of life cats like Roslyn had before Little Shelter.  These are the types of situations where we rely on our volunteers to socialize Roslyn - whether it's with a toy or treat or kind words in a soothing tone.  Little Shelter is Roslyn's home - would you like to be one of the volunteers who helps Roslyn come out of her shell?  If so please dial Little Shelter at 1-631-368-8770 x 32 or come down to 33 Warner Road, Huntington, NY to fill out a volunteer application form.  The cats will really appreciate it!


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