Ricky, or 'Slick Rick' as he is known to his friends, is a dog like no other. Hailing from the South, Ricky prefers the fast-paced New York lifestyle. This goofy boy has the brawn and the brains to match! He is a 'doggy athlete' with boundless energy and enjoys running to keep his physique fit and trim. Ricky relishes a good game of 'fetch' with his all-time favorite toy - a tennis ball! He also enjoys 'rough and tumble' playtime with many of his canine friends.

In addition to this athletic accomplishments, Ricky is also a Rhodes Scholar. He completed a 6 week training course with flying colors and is happy to show off his obedience skills to anyone who cares to watch! 

(631) 368-8770 Ext 26

(631) 368-8770 Ext 26

Meet Ricky's Sponsors:

The Minor Family

 Charlene Russert 

Emily & Jeff Alessio