Animal Soup Kitchen (A.S.K.) Program

Little Shelter is the first ever shelter on Long Island to provide free pet food, vaccinations, spay/neutering and medical treatment for impoverished, sick, disabled and elderly pet parents who do not have the resources to properly feed or care for their beloved pet.

The ASK program is designed to keep animals with their families who love them. It has helped hundreds animals who have nowhere else to turn. Since its inception, ASK has been a great success because these pet owners love their pets and are eager to learn how to better care for them. 

Without help from the ASK program, these animals could have been surrendered.

Your Help is Needed… to maintain and grow this essential program, as the cost of all the necessary components from food to medical care to transportation increases daily, we are asking you to be generous to the dogs and cats living in the most desperate situations.  

You can help by making a monthly donation of either food or funds to the ASK program so that we can continue to feed, and at times, provide shelter and medical care to the neediest pets. 

All food donated is used to feed only the most destitute dogs and cats and is never used to feed the dogs or cats who reside at Little Shelter. Be assured that only the most destitute dogs and cats will benefit from your generosity.

If you are interested in making a donation of food or funds please contact: 631.368.8770 ext 26.