Meet princess valentine...

Princess Valentine is a dainty little tuxedo cat who came to Little Shelter as a mother of three. Now that all her babies have found homes of their own, she is looking for hers. She is a shy little kitty who likes to nap wherever there is a sunny window to bask in, or out on the deck in the warm breeze. Much of her time is spent gazing out the window watching the birds as they go by.

Princess Valentine is also extraordinarily friendly letting anyone come up and pet her. This girl enjoys being held, with her favorite staff members claiming you could carry her around all day! She is known for giving kisses and snuggling for one on one time with those she is bonded with. Princess Valentine is still a very young cat and often wants to play. Her favorite toys are cat dancers and catnip mice which provide hours of entertainment for her and any playmates.
If you're looking for someone who enjoys quiet times and togetherness, come meet Princess Valentine today!


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