Meet oreo...

This poor old gentleman was adopted from Little Shelter as a kitten back around 2000 and was found in 2018 in very poor shape by a Good Samaritan who then brought him to a local municipal shelter. Oreo's microchip traced him back to Little Shelter. We retrieved him and gave him the medical care he desperately needed. His teeth were so decayed and infected that he had to have all of them removed. It was amazing that he was able to eat at all prior to his surgery.

Unfortunately, the info on Oreo's microchip was never kept up to date by his family so they could not be located. We have no idea how and when Oreo lost his home but judging by his horrific condition when found, he was probably homeless for a quite a while.

Although Oreo is now safe at Little Shelter, he adores people and is still hoping that a kind person will come and give him a loving forever home where he can celebrate his "Golden Years".

Are you the one for Oreo? Come meet him today!



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