Meet Muffin...


Hello friends I am looking for a home to call my own..when I meet people it takes me a few seconds to warm up to them and when I do let the purrs and head butts begin
My name is Muffin aka Muffin Top..I am a bit of a chunky girl and proud of it but do not let that fool you I totally can chase toys if you want to play with me
I am overlooked by adopters because I am a bit older..heck some of them are older also..I am incredibly cute..cuddly..pleasant to be around..btw I am also a bit modest..
Please everyone you must know someone that would be interested in an older lady that requires a belly rub now and then and also would love a nice window seat to watch the world go by..I am about 9-12 years old and looking for love..
Here is a video of Diane and I meeting for the FIRST time..see how lovable I am..



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