Meet milo...

Have you ever met a girl named Milo?
Milo is a shy yet charming senior Pit Bull Terrier. She is an active go-getter seeking a career as a motivational coach who specializes in fitness. She's got a "Let's Go" kind of personality so she's very good at getting people motivated to get outside and move. Milo is now working her magic over at our Sanctuary.

UPDATE: Milo has been doing phenomenally well at the Sanctuary! Originally given only a few months to live due to progressive cancer, she has turned the odds around and has just celebrated her 1 year anniversary as a sanctuary resident. She's been having a lot of fun this summer playing fetch in the large area runs and swimming in the pond. Her last check up with the Vet showed she was doing really well and she got all excellent marks. She's even put on a little weight. (Which in her case is a very good thing)

(631) 368-8770 Ext. 26

(631) 368-8770 Ext. 26


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