Kira is a girl who's got the whole package. With looks to kill and a personality to match, she is a long time favorite of staff and friends at Little Shelter. Recently she discovered her love of Italian food and swoons at the smell of sausage, followed up by a refreshing lemon ice. Kira knows that good communication is the key to a successful relationship. Since suffering from a significant hearing loss, proper communication is very important as she is introduced to new people and surroundings. 

She is a strong girl who appreciates structure and routine. Enjoying time spent in the company of well-read adults, car rides and sunsets are two of her favorite pastimes. 

Meet Kira's Sponsors:

Frances Blaetter

Nadine & Mario Bottali

With grateful thanks to
Dr. Barry Douglas, LI PSG, for his devotion,
compassion and kindness

Sponsored In Memory of Alva Dinney
from Rich Mintz & Susan Krohn

Minnesauke Singers

Adam Speiser