Meet Horizon & Taffy...

These two cuties are Horizon and Taffy.  Horizon is a gentle gray female, sweet and quiet.  She came to Little Shelter a few years ago and is always passed over for families as she is very shy.  We are always happy when these shy felines make friends and Taffy is one of Horizon's friends.  Taffy is a wonderful white and beige gentleman.  Like Horizon, he is calm and gentle.  Taffy is on meds as he is a crystal cat so he would need a family who understands that proper diet and veterinary care can help ease discomfort and pain an animal may be in due to this condition.  Horizon and Taffy don't need to be adopted out together but they are friends and get along with other cats.  We would love nothing more than for these two to be adopted into a loving home with a family who understand that patience and love will help them overcome their shyness.    Please consider coming down to Little Shelter to meet our two shy sweeties.  If you can't adopt, we ask that you share their post and stories.  As much as these two are loved at the shelter, we all know there's no place like your own forever home.


Horizon & Taffy Are Not Sponsored


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