Meet G.I. Joe...

G.I. Joe was found with his siblings in a boat that was parked at someone's house. They were most likely born there. We took them in and fostered them until they were adopted. Sadly after 6 years G.I. Joe round himself back at Little Shelter when his family fell on hard times and lost their home. On top of losing his home, G.I. Joe lost his best friend-the little boy who had adopted him. 
G.I. Joe is a very gentle cat who enjoys being held and snuggled. He often gives "kisses" to the staff who spoil him. He previously lived in a home with a small child and he gets along with other cats and had been fostered in a home with small dogs.
At 6 years old G.I. Joe still loves to chase kitty dancers and laser pointers. This boy has never known life in a shelter prior to now and has adjusted well to life at Little Shelter, making friends of both the cats and staff. However, what he really needs is a home. 
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G.I. Joe is not sponsored