Meet Denise...

Denise is one of the sweetest cats we have for sure! She has such a gentle disposition and yet here she is, still waiting for her forever family! Denise was once adopted out but, due to no fault of her own, found herself back at Little Shelter. She is loved by the staff and volunteers at Little Shelter who can't imagine how she is still with us. Perhaps it's because she doesn't go out of her way to greet people, instead preferring to nap in a cozy corner. Or maybe it's because she would do best in a quiet household. She does "happy paws" when you pet her soft coat and scratch her behind the ears. We love Denise very much but there is no substitute for your own home. Please come down to Little Shelter to meet her - perhaps she is the one to complete your family!!

Denise's approximate DOB is 2/1/11


Michelle Lane

Melissa Brown