Meet damascus...

This gentle giant is Damascus, a ten year old Chow mix. A bit of an enigma, he is both an athlete and a geek. An accomplished sportsman, he excels at most games and you'll definitely want him on your team, especially when it involves a snowball fight! Intelligent and intuitive, he is also the ideal partner for Trivial Pursuit. Whether you're in the mood for a long walk, or a movie marathon, Damascus will be right by your side, adding to the commentary. He has been patiently waiting to find his forever home and only has a few simple his decisions, and love him unconditionally. In return, you'll have a loyal, smart, good-looking best friend to brighten up every day. Don't let his size dissuade you...the only space he'll fill up is your heart❤️. Those that say "money can't buy you happiness" have never paid an adoption fee...come by to meet Damascus today!


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