Meet clancy...

Clancy is a mellow little Lhasa Apso mix of around 10 years old.
He would love to spend his days taking leisurely walks with his favorite people and just being with you...his human family. He wants you all to himself and won't share the love with anybody else with four legs. He is a true cuddle bug with a funny little face that will make you smile every time you see him. Just imagine waking up to that face every day. He's better than your morning coffee and healthier for you too. You'll never have a bad day with Clancy around.
If you're looking for a mellow older boy who still loves to play and would love to take his walks while meeting all your neighbors, come meet Clancy today.
Call (631) 368-8770 ext 21 for more information about Clancy.


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Robin Abramowitz