Butch Cassidy is a prime example of what can happen when a dog is bought home without giving it any thought. We are sure Butch Cassidy's original family had good intentions when they added the adorable little furball to their home, after all, who could resist his fuzzy little face and pudgy body! But when Butch began to grow, his puppy cuteness wore off (we think he's more handsome than ever!), and he didn't receive the training that puppies need, he was tossed out into the backyard. 

The people that were supposed to love and adore him, tied him to a tree, and never uttered a word to him again, except to tell him to 'shut up'! Luckily for Butch Cassidy, a guardian angel in the form of his next-door-neighbor, kept an eye on him. 

She spoke the only kind words that Butch would hear for the first three years of his life. She made sure that Butch Cassidy always had something to eat and water to quench his thirst. She bought him dog houses to shelter him from the weather, and when he outgrew them, she would buy him a larger one. And then one day, on a visit to her local pound, who should she see staring back at her from a cage but Butch.


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David Ceely