Meet Bubbles...

Do you like "My Little Pony"? Ever wish cats could have "cutie marks"? Meet Bubbles the black cat given her name from the white bubble "cutie mark" on her left side. She is a very friendly cat who loves to play and will try to grab your hand in between her two paws. When she starts getting excited while playing, she will give you love bites on your hand. It's really cute when she does this, because she has no teeth.

Bubbles loves ear rubs and will purr really loud when given affection. Even her purr sounds like she's trying to blow bubbles! She will sit in your lap and just let you pet her for hours, all the while purring as loudly as she can. This little girl is ready to show anyone who is willing to give her the chance that "Friendship Is Magic"! 

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Dan Belmonte & Nancy Hartwell