Meet Wendy...

"Who's tripping down the streets of the city - Smilin' at everybody she sees - Who's reachin' out to capture a moment - Everyone knows it's Wendy!"
This beautiful little tortie fits these lyrics perfectly! Wendy is a super sweet and friendly cat who loves belly rubs, ear scratches and snuggling. Even though she's 3, Wendy plays just like a kitten and will come running if she hears you crumpling paper. Her favorite treat is turkey, which the volunteers bring in from time to time. Once Wendy gets to know you, she will greet you excitedly by her own little "Wendy tail dance" furiously twitching her tail in anticipation of getting pets.
Wendy has been at Little Shelter since she was a kitten, and has been waiting more than patiently for her furever home to come scoop her up. She is such a personable cat that we know if you give her a chance, Wendy will surely blow you away!

Come meet Wendy today!

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