Meet Stewella...

If you have heard of Stewie in the cattery, you may or may not know that he has a sister in the cattery.  This mini diva is Stewella, named after our big boy Stewie.  When we say "sister" we don't mean by blood but by attitude!  She certainly has his markings and she definitely has his spunky behaviors.  She loves who she loves and seeks her favorite humans out all the time to pet her.  They must keep petting her until she says she's done.  
Stewella is available for sponsorship only at this time.
 For more information on sponsorship, please dial Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center at 631-368-8770 x 32.

meet stewie...



If you have visited Little Shelter's cattery more than once, you should recognize this face- this is STEWIE!!  From the very beginning of his tenure, Stewie has sought to be one of our mascots.  He is sure to grab your attention if he sees you walking by.  Stewie has been with us for most of his life and is looking for a sponsor.  

Anyone would be lucky to have Stewie as their sponsored cat — he is a legend in the cattery. 



Stewie & stewella are Not Sponsored