Meet stanley...

Look at this cutie! Oh wait- it's me the amazingly handsome cat named Stanley. I have a cute heart-button nose and two different colored eyes, one brown and one green. I am quite unique!
I am about 12 years old as of September 2015. Yes I know many people won't go for an older cat but somebody has to love me. I promise you if you come to see me you'll fall in love with me in a kitty heartbeat. I had a home at one point but I am at Little Shelter now and even though I love it here and have all the attention I could ever have, I would love my own purrever home for the rest of my life.
I love seeing someone new and getting a nice pet from them. I also love junk dry and lots of treats. After all everyone should be a little on the plump side! Please come meet me and possibly give me a home I've always wished for.
Come meet me today! 

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