Meet Reba & bugs...

Well, here is our story,
I'm Reba, the beautiful calico. You can usually find me in the back with my boyfriend, Bugs snuggled up in a bed or or grooming each other. I love playing and I love to scoff down turkey when its handed out by Little Shelters' lovely volunteers. I am a bit scared of people but that's when Bugs helps me out. Together, he shows me that people are trying to save me and give me a home and that's why I'd like him to come with me. Bugs himself is overlooked.. maybe its because people label him as "bad luck" or maybe its because his fangs hang out of his mouth like a vampire kitty.
Either way, we are both looking for a home together forever, where we can live comfortably in a home to call our own. With some treats and love I will be sure to come around but my boyfriend Bugs is always ready for some pets!
Please come meet us and keep us together forever! We make a great pair.



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The Frank Family


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