Meet Queenie...

When you first walk through the cattery, you might not notice Queenie but she is definitely a cat you should make a point of seeing. She is a Tortoiseshell cat with glowing green eyes and a cute smushed in face! We don't know what breed she might be, but her unusually coat patterning and facial structure makes her unique in the cattery. Queenie was found wandering the streets as a kitten and has spent her whole life in the cattery since then.
Queenie is very shy, often letting other cats take up all the attention from families that come through, however if you do go up to her, she loves attention and being petted. This girl makes the cutest face when she is being petted, she will fold her ears down and closes her eyes while slightly opening her mouth. When she's really happy from the affection, Queenie will stick her tongue out at you! She also gets along very well with other cats and if not sleeping, can be found in a heard nuzzling up against each other. Come down and meet this little love bug today!



Queenie Is Not Sponsored