Meet puppy 17.06D...

This little pretty boy is Puppy 17.06D, an Australian Shepherd mix of around 4 months old who came to Little Shelter with his 3 litter mates through our "Passage to Freedom" program. Puppy D is a silly, fun-loving goofball seeking a family that loves to laugh. He's an all-purpose pup ready to commit 110 percent. When there's a crumb dropped, he'll be there to pick it up. When there's a hole that needs to be dug, he'll be there with all four feet. When someone needs a buddy to run miles with, He'll be there with leash in tow. Commit 110 percent to him, and he'll be yours .
Since he is still just a baby, Puppy D will need plenty of consistent training, guidance, interactive playtime and patience to grow up into the most polite companion ever.
Come meet Puppy D today!


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