Meet tigger & peanut...

These two boys had been living together for years before they came here to Little Shelter, even now they are still very bonded to each other. 

Tigger is a very affectionate cat with a loud deep purr. He was the first to start coming out of his shell when he arrived. He is a calm fellow preferring to lay in your lap rather than chase a laser. Tigger will mew when you call his name and stare fixated at you waiting to be pet. He is a great boy just looking for you to love him.

Contrary to his name, Peanut is actually a big, rolly-polly cat. For the first couple of days at Little Shelter he would hide under blankets and Tigger was always curled up next to him on top of the blankets. Now he happily greets staff with his head up and tail twitching. He loves belly rubs and will roll around on the shelf when getting attention.

These boys have spent most of their lives together, now they are looking for a new furever home. Won't you come and take them home today?


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