Meet MR MEOW...


Courtesy Posting MR MEOW is not at Little Shelter..please help him find his forever home..

To my future parents,

My name is Mr. Meow Man. I am a dignified gentleman of the town, in search of a forever home to set my roots.
I was abandoned at a veterinary hospital this past October. I had very bad teeth and was not feeling very well. Fortunately my foster mother/veterinarian made me all better, and I had to have surgery to remove all my teeth. Although I am now without my teeth, I am also without pain, allowing my charming personality to shine brighter than ever before. I am a wonderful conversationalist, and will always be at your side. I thoroughly enjoy a quiet night in, spending time with my family and a nice bowl of kitty chow. My current hobbies include therapeutic massage, running, and batting toy mice. I do enjoy the company of other cats, and will not judge them for having more teeth than myself. Dogs are still new to me, but I am open to new friends.
I consider myself to be a healthy and active sir, with no diseases and recently obtained a full health clearance from my doctors. I will be anxiously and hopefully awaiting for your reply.
Please contact my foster /veterinarian at I cannot wait to meet you!!
All my love,
Mr Meow Man

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