Meet martin...

Hey there!
My name is Martin and I'm an overlooked kitty. Little Shelters staff would love to see go into a home forever. I'm only one and a half years old and I've been at Little Shelter practically my whole life. 
I always ask myself,,, why me? Why do I have to be overlooked? Is it because I am a black kitty and people will think I'm bad luck or is it just me? I try to be the absolute friendliest I can be! I promise I will bring tons of luck in your life as well. I don't want to lose hope but I am starting too. I just would like to be loved.
Once you see me and pet me I will surely role over for some belly rubs and if you stop I will head butt you and follow you until you give me more. I love attention and would do great in a home, especially yours!
Give Martin a purrrever home today!

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martin Is Not Sponsored

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