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Lilly's story...

This is Lilly a 1.5yr old spayed Pit Bull Terrier. Lilly was brought to our veterinary hospital covered in scabs, no hair on the bottom of her belly, four different bacterias starting inside her ears and all the way down to her tail. As the owners didn't believe in any antibiotics to treat her condition, they were very stern about euthanizing her. Myself and a fellow colleague refused to let that happen! After a long hard day of convincing the owners, they finally signed Lilly over to the two of us for full financial custody. As you can see we have started Lilly on medications and her hair is already growing back after just ten days. We are more than willing to pay for all medications until she is fully healed. Unfortunately we have not been able to find her a home and are keeping her in boarding at our job. She is a loving dog who just wants to cuddle and go on walks (besides attacking you with kisses). She is fully trained and is a genuinely healthy and happy dog. Please let us know if you have room or can find this beautiful dog a foster/permanent home!! 

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